Pets training

  • You have a wonderful and naughty dog that only makes mischiefs?
  • You’ve chose your dog without thinking about its breed characteristics and now you face difficulties?
  • You don’t enjoy the dog walk and it’s a stressfull experience for you?
  • You want to teach you god on more things and to develop its talent?
  • You are looking for a specialized trainig for your dog?
ContentImage-MugShot If even one of the above is coresponds to you, then you need professional help for the behavior of your pet.

We can offer you:

  • Individual and group obedience courses
  • Consultation before choosing a pet
  • Resolving of behavioral problems
  • Socialization
  • Various specialized dog trainigs
  • Education for dog owners

We prepare individual training plan for each dog.

We believe there isn’t naughty dog or a dog that can not learn – there is only inappropriate treatment.

The funds from the organized trainings are spend on trainig and support of our dogs.

Contact us for more information.