We believe that everyone is entitled to happiness and dignified life and we do our best to help people with disabilities in Bulgaria – with specially trained dogs and other animals, various projects and initiatives to protect and support the social integration, the personal fulfilment and to improve the quality of life of people with sensorial, motor and other disabilities and chronic diseases, and social integration, rehabilitation and resocialization of children and adults at a disadvantage as well.
There are many people with various disabilities and diseases in Bulgaria, who for one reason or another (inaccessible or even hostile environment, lack of proper legal framework and various prejudices) cannot live a fulfilling life. They are capable and talented in various areas as each one of us, but very often they arenot able to achieve their potential.
Our philosophy is to provide what is needed (specially trained dogs and other animals) to change the environment for the people with special needs in a way that they can truly live and to realize.